Multiscale Materials

International Program in Materials Science and Engineering

The international program “Multiscale Materials” covers the science and engineering necessary to characterize and model the properties of a wide range of materials such as metal and alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials and nanomaterials. It highlights the relationships between materials’ structure and their mechanical and physical properties and functionalities. Bridging multiple lengths-scales, this program addresses fundamental aspects as well as cutting-edge applications in multiple areas, including biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, and structural materials.

The development of industrial systems and the design of useful and sustainable devices are a major strategic challenge for our societies. “Multiscale Materials” provides the tools to chose the appropriate materials, as well as design and manufacture them to optimize their bulk or surface structures, properties and functionalities for a wide range of targeted applications.

Language Training in English
Duration 2 semesters
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Multiscale Materials Graduate Program – Seminars

The Materials Department organizes a “monthly” GENERAL SEMINAR. Speakers are experts, in different fields of physics, chemistry, materials science and their applications, as well as at interfaces with other scientific fields. The level of experience is that of a general scientific seminar, without excessive technical specialization. It is an approximately one-hour conference followed by a short debate period with the speaker.

12 Sept 2017: Prof. João F. Mano (University of Aveiro, Portugal).
Biomimetic Biomaterials

25 October 2017: Prof. Stéphane Mangin (Univ. Lorraine)

6 November 2017: Prof. Saso Sturm (Joseph Stephan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Principle and applications of advanced analytical electron microscopy (TEM/STEM/EDXS/EELS)

13 December 2017: Prof. Jaime Marian (UCLA California Institute of Technology, USA)
Harnessing the power of multiscale modeling to predict materials response under extreme conditions: a few selected examples

24 January 2017: Dr. Erich Wimmer (Materials Design SARL)
Industrial Value of Computational Materials Science